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Hottest topics, biggest challenges and latest innovations – Mobility Talks give access to insights and indsutry trends around the world through short video interviews. 

These interviews allows us to keep our community informed and actively involved in the development of the industry. 

Check out the opinions of experts that dicsuss changes and challenges around transportation, public transport and the way we move around the world. 

Latest Mobility Talks:

Steve Smith

Steve Smith

CEO at Zerova Technologies Europe

Steve Smith, CEO at Zerova Technologies Europe, tells us more about the conditions required to drive the electric car market forward.

Jaime Ruiz Huescar

Co-founder at Cities Forum


Jaime Ruiz Huescar, Co-founder at Cities Forum, tells us how they help cities to build a more digital, green and sustainable future.

Mobility Talks Thumbnail - Sinah Truffat

Sinah Truffat

International Expansion Manager at Swobbee

Sinah Truffat, International Expansion Manager at Swobbee, talks about renewable and portable energy, and how Swobbee makes is possible. 

Mobility Talks Thumbnails - Caroline Samponaro - Lyft

Caroline Samponaro

Vice President, Head of Transit & Micromobility Policy at Lyft

Caroline Samponaro, Vice President, Head of Transit & Micromobility Policy at Lyft, talks about Citi Bike, the largest bike-share system outside of Asia, and key factors for its success.

Mobility Talks Thumbnail - Felipe Ramírez Buitrago - City of Bogota

Felipe Ramírez Buitrago

Secretary for Mobility of Bogotá

Felipe Ramírez Buitrago, Secretary for Mobility of Bogotá, tells us how Bogotá became one of the first cities to create emergency bike lanes and lead in sustainable transportation and clean mobility.

Mobility Talks - Urie Levine

Uri Levine

Founder of Waze

Uri Levine, Founder of Waze tells us about his companies (Waze, Moovit) and how they help to address the problem of traffic jams and what impact they have on sustainable mobility.

Elke Van den Brandt

Minister for Mobility, Public Works & Road Safety

Elke Van den Brandt, talks us about the major industry challenges present in the Brussels area, and how the Ministry plans to resolve it.

Timo Buetefisch

CEO & Founder of Cooltra

Timo Buetefisch, CEO and Founder of Cooltra, explains the importance of shared micromobility on-demand in the development of sustainable mobility. How the future of micromobility market is bright.

Maria Tsavachidis

CEO of EIT Urban Mobility

Maria Tsavachidis, tells about the roles of the organization in helping startups and innovators be successful in the market. Stressing the importance of acting fast to implement innovations to fight against the current transportation and environmental challenges.

Herald Ruijters

Director DG MOVE European Commission

Herald Ruijters, talks about the Green Deal. How the European Commission is acting towards the Climate Change Law and the strategy for transportation sector in Europe.

Mobility Talks Thumbnail - Eric BOULLIER

Eric Boullier

Co-founder & CEO of Circle


Discover the challenges of the free-floating industry and the solution proposed by Circle to solve these pain points.

Manuela Lopez Menedez

Secretary of Transportation and Public Works Government of the City of Buenos Aires

Manuela Lopez Menendez, Secretary of Transportation and Public Works for the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, explains how the pandemic had both negative and positive impacts on the transportation habits of citizens.

Mobility Talks Thumbnail - Seb Dance

Seb Dance

Deputy Mayor for Transport for Greater London Authority

Seb Dance, the Deputy Mayor for Transport for Greater London Authority, reveals the major indsutry challenges and public transport in the area.

Roald Lapperre

Vice Minister for the Environment for the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Roald Lapperre, Vice Minister for the Environment at the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, shares with us his vision.

Seleta Reynolds

General Manager for Los Angeles Department of Transportation

Seleta Reynolds, General Manager at the Los Angeles Department of Transportation shares indsutry trends and insights in Los Angeles.

Mobility Talks - Teet Praks

Teet Praks

CEO & Co-founder of Comodule

Teet Praks, CEO & Co-founder of Comodule talks about the importance of micromobility in creating a more sustainable city. How the development of supportive technology and innvations can accelerate the implementation of micromobility in cities.

Mobility Talks Thumbnail - Lawrence Leuschner

Lawrence Leuschner

Co-founder & CEO of TIER

Want to know what is the secret sauce to TIER’s success?

Find out more about the start-up and how they plan to change the mobility for good!

Mobility Talks Thumbnail - Mohamed Mezghani

Mohamed Mezghani

Secretary General of UITP

Discover his views about challenges rising from the Covid 19 crisis for the public transportations industry and post-lockdown initiatives to take in order to restore trust from travelers.

Bertrand Piccard

Founder & Chairman of Solar Impulse

Bertrand Piccard: “Let’s bring a portfolio of 1000 profitables solutions to heads of states […] in order to give them the tools to adopt much more ambitious energy policies and environmental targets”.

David Pistoni

CEO & Co-founder of Zeleros

David Pistoni, CEO & Co-founder of Zeleros  talks about the future of transportation, and how innovation and collaboration can accelerate transport transformation.

Mobility Talks Thumbnail - Nicolas Brusson

Nicolas Brusson

Co-founder & CEO of BlaBlaCar

“Car remains the universal connector”

Jean-Baptiste Djebbari

Former French Minister of Transport

The French Minister of Transport, Jean-Baptiste DJEBBARI is doing us the honnor to answer our questions for the inauguration of the #BIKETOWORK initiative at Paris La Défense business district. Merci beaucoup Mr Minister!

Lukas Neckermann

COO of Splyt

Lukas Neckermann, COO of Splyt, talks about the key trend in the industry – super apps, and MaaS.

Ross Douglas

CEO of Autonomy

Ross Douglas, Founder & CEO of Autonomy, talks about the idea behind Autonomy Paris, a trade show dedicated to new sustainable mobility, and how he predicted the change in the way we move in cities.

Mobility Talks Thumbnail - Nir Erez

Nir Erez

Founder & CEO of Moovit

Moovit was recently acquired by Intel for $900 Million to be integrated in their autonomous vehicle strategy. Nir Erez tells us about Moovit and shares his global vision of the mobility.

Sampo Hietanen

CEO of MaaS Global

Have a look at a global view of MaaS and great thoughts about the new era of transportation!

Harry Campbell

Founder & CEO of The RideShare Guy

Starting as a driver for #Uber & #LYFT, Harry Campbell decided to blog about his experiences and launched #RideShareGuy: a blog, a YouTube channel and podcasts accounts with 80K subscribers, intended for gig workers to stay up to date and informed on the gig economy.

Mobility Talks Thumbnail - Benoit Joly

Benoit Joly

Chief Commercial Officer of Wejo

Benoit Joly, Chief Commercial Officer at Wejo, talks about how data from cars can show insights to help stakeholders build a better and safe driving approach.

Mobility Talks Thumbnail - John Rossant

John Rossant

Chairman & CEO of NewCities Foundation & CoMotion

Get the major trends, according to John Rossant, chairman of NewCities Foundation and CEO of CoMotion LA, that gathers the entire landscape of emerging mobility. 

Mobility Talks Thumbnail - Kobi Marenko

Kobi Marenko

Co-founder & CEO of Arbe

Find out more about the challenges for the next generation cars and how Arbe plans to solve them.

Emile Roux

Executive Director of Montreal Centre Ville

Emile Roux, Executive director at SDC Montréal Centre-ville : “After the lockdown, the number of cyclists on cycle paths has increased by 30%. This is the reason why the city of Montreal has decided to had 300 kilometers of new cycle and pedestrians paths.”

Mobility Talks Thumbnail - Ben Pullen

Ben Pullen

Co-founder & CEO of Generation.e

Dicover the mission of Generation.e to inspire the transformation to smarter transportation and the journey to the establishment of the start-up.

Mobility Talks Thumbnail - Manuel Marsilio

Manuel Marsilio

General Manager of CONEBI

Clear analysis of the bicycle industry by Manuel Marsilio – the voice of bicycle European and World associations.

Mobility Talks Thumbnail - Jessica Cabe

Jessica Cabe

PR & Communication Manager of Chicago Loop Alliance

Jessica Cabe makes us discover Divvy : ” Currently the system has 600 docking stations and 6,000 bikes. (…) The expansion increases the coverage area by about 60 square miles.”

Mobility Talks Thumbnail - Mona Levacher

Mona Levacher

Director of Electric Vehicle Offers of PSA Groupe

Some words from Mona Levacher, explaining us about the new distribution stratgy to operate and challenges at the Electric Vehicle era.

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