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Timo Buetefisch,
CEO & Founder of Cooltra

Timo Buetefisch, CEO and Founder of Cooltra, tells us how shared micromobility on-demand is important in the innovation on urban mobility.

The interview was filmed during ITS European Congress.

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Timo Buetefisch, CEO & Founder of Cooltra

My name is Timo, I’m the Founder and CEO of Cooltra.

What is Cooltra?

Cooltra is leader in mobility solutions especially in sustainable mobility solutions in Europe. 

Moreover, we have a fleet of 20,000 vehicles. Operating in 8 countries. In addition, we are invoicing around 50 million euros this year.

Do you have a sustainability program in your company?

Cooltra has a big vocation for sustainability. Indeed, the big part of our fleet is electric.

In addition, we run different business models, and one of them is motosharing. Likewise, it’s a shared micromobility solution.

Where 100% of our fleet is electric, in that way we make a big stand towards sustainability.

What challenges do you see in your company and shared mobility industry?

The challenges we have in implementing sustainable mobility solutions are, firstly it’s regulation.

We enclose collaboration with the cities in developing solutions. In the effort to promote shared electric sustainable mobility.

Secondly,  is the product. The two-wheelers we have at the moment are still developing a lot in general performance. 

Therefore, We are in close contact collaborating with the manufacturers.

Thirdly, it’s obviously a new trend. A pay-per-use mobility, like we are offering. Certainly, a shared Mobility on-demand is a new trend. 

However, the consumers really embrace it.

What are the next steps for Cooltra?

For Cooltra, we envision to be a true European player. So our focus right now is on the European countries. Additionally, Wwe are currently working in 8 countries. And in around around 20 cities.

Besides, we are still pushing in these cities for a further market penetration. 

On the other hand, we also want to launch in new countries and new cities.

In terms of assets, we are very big in mopeds. Electric mopeds are making up to 90% of our fleets. 

For instance, 10% of our shared micromobility vehicles are e-bikes. 

Furthermore, we also want to push more on the e-bike segment within our fleets.

How did COVID-19 impact your company and shared mobility industry?

Indeed, COVID-19 influenced our business during 3-4 months of a complete lockdown.

In the result of that, we had to stop our fleets completely. 

However, we did well by reducing the cost during that time. On the other hand, consumer demand is going up again. Undoubtedly , we will see a record summer.

Especially in the island rental, as a lot of tourists coming to Spain and Italy. For instance, using our moped, e-bikes.

Clearly, the future vision for shared micromobility is very positive.

What is your daily mode of transport?

I personally use a Cooltra moped daily. For instance to go from home to work, and to my meetings.

Moreover, I also use the platform sharing. Certainly, I use e-bikes and mopeds of Cooltra. 

As a partner of FREENOW, I always use the platform for ride-hailing or taxis. 

Thank you, Timo!

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