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Maria Tsavachidis,
CEO of EIT Urban Mobility

The CEO of EIT Urban Mobility tells us how start-ups can accelerate urban mobility innovation.

The interview was filmed during ITS European Congress.

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Maria Tsavachidis, CEO of EIT Urban Mobility

My name is Maria Tsavachidis, I’m the CEO of EIT Urban Mobility.

What is EIT Urban Mobility?

We are The European Innovation Community. Generally, here to accelerate change towards the urban mobility and liveable cities.

What are the missions of EIT Urban Mobility?

We are driving change in 3 areas. Certainly, we are building capacity through creating talents and being focus on entrepreneurial talent.

Firstly, we are bringing students to the entrepreneurial space. In order for them to become innovators and to focus on creating start-ups.

Secondly, our focus is in the Innovation. Thus, we are creating innovative solutions, and supporting start-ups. In order to, help getting their innovations to the market faster.

Thirdly, we are here to support start-ups. Especially, transforming young innovators to become successful companies.

What challenges do you see in Mobility?

The main challenge in facing climate emergency today, is speed. Clearly, speed is the essence. 

Particularly, the political will is there, and we also have the technology in place. As well, with exciting solutions in the market. 

However, the challenge that we have now is to speed up. To add, we don’t have enough time in our hands to do experiment in a long time. 

Therefore, we have to deploy innovations in the market and scale them in the cities fast. 

In order to overcome that, we all need to work together. 

Indeed, we have to bring all hands on deck.

What trends do you see in Mobility?

Firstly, we focus on decarbonizing. Certainly, decarbonizing quickly for any kind of transport. 

Besides, we do see this trend everywhere. For instance, in all modes starting from cars, e-mobility and e-scooters.

Moreover, we are also talking about clean aviation and hydrogen. Which are both currently being developed at a pace that we had never seen before. 

Indeed, it will happen in the mid-term, and that’s what matters. 

However, decarbonization will not happen within a short time-frame. Clearly, it needs time. 

Especially, the time to convert the fleet that is out there.

What is your daily mode of transport?

As for me, it will be my two legs and my bicycle. Besides, I live in Munich and working in Barcelona. 

Therefore, in both cities, I love cycling.

On the other hand, I prefer walking for the shorter distance.

Thank you, Maria!

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