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Teet Praks, CEO & Co-founder of Comodule

Teet Praks, the CEO of Comodule, tells us about the importance of micromobility in creating a more sustainable city.

The interview was filmed during Autonomy Paris 2022, a trade show dedicated to sustainable mobility.

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Teet Praks, CEO and Co-founder of Comodule

Hi everyone, thank you for having me. My name is Teet and I am from a company called Comodule.

What does Comodule do in micromobility sector?

Firstly, you can think of us as the Tesla of the micromobility industry. We provide a kind of Tesla technology to different bike companies, scooter companies, motorcycle companies. 

For instance; Enabling their updates, anti-theft proposition, and enabling end users to connect to the bike and scooter, etc.

Therefore, we are here to meet with fleet operators and consumer bike brands. Furthermore, the focus is to help them to provide connectivity solutions.

To add, connectivity solution means a combination of hardware that we design in production house.  On the other hand, enabling different software services, different connected applications and use cases.

In which cities/countries is Comodule deployed?

We are headquartered in Estonia, Tallinn, where we have our design, engineering, and also production. With a total of 120 people. Along with the sales and business development office in Germany, in Nuremberg. 

Moreover, We ship products to 45 different countries across the globe. Likewise, we ship them to different bike brands, and fleet operators in 45 different countries across the world.

What is the main challenge in micromobility industry?

To add, our mission is to get people on to a sustainable way of transportation. In other words, to get more people out of the cars to the bikes and scooters. 

Especially, we believe this is the sustainable way of moving people. In addition, cities are struggling to find the best regulation for different operators.

How to go from motorist to mobilist?

I think micromobility is the most important to bring or to take more people out of the cars.

Indeed, cars are not a sustainable way of transit within cities. Especially not for trips that are under 10 kilometers. Micromobility is a super important part of that.

What is your favorite mode of micromobility transport?

I live 15-minute walking distance from the office so it’s also convenient to walk. However, I also ride a scooter or I also ride a bike.

Thank you, Teet!

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