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Sampo Hietanen
CEO of MaaS Global

Sampo Hietanen, CEO of MaaS Global gives us a global view of Mobility as a Service and great thoughts about the new era of mobility!

A few words from...

I’m a civil engineer from Helsinki, and I have been known as the father or someone who’s been talking about the Mobility as a Service concept for quite a long time.

Tell us about MaaS Global

What we do at MaaS Global is trying to bring the dream alive of giving people the freedom of mobility for the new era really redefine what it is.

At the moment, I’d say the biggest one that people have is car ownership and we’re trying to combine everything else to create the same sense of freedom and really bring this to the new digital era.

Main challenges ?

The biggest challenge still for us is to find enough trust within the ecosystem so that everyone can reset the competition that they have in their mind, and try to gather all the services together to really make something as credible, as big, as huge, as an owning a car.

How can we make it happen?

At the moment of course, with corona, I think this is golden time for multimodality. Now for those people that are not going into purchasing cars immediately or resorting back to that one they’re looking for, all kinds of options, and this is where multimodality, this where MaaS can really help.

Some words of inspiration?

We need sustainable businesses that actually bring on new innovations and this is what we’re doing.

Transportation has the biggest potential for productivity. At the moment, 25% of emissions come from transportation It appears that by 2030 it’ll be up to 40% and we can solve both of those issues.

Bring growth for economy, which is definitely needed, but at the same time solve the issue of sustainability.

Rise of private bikes VS shared mobility?

There’s a lot of talk about new bike lanes, and a lot of bikes, and all of this bring us more into private mobility instead of shared one.

I don’t see it that way at all. I think that anything that complements a system keeps people much more, lots of supply for different modes that then could have the same experience as well as what car ownership at the moment brings, it is only positive.

Who should lead transition to MAAS?
Private? Cities? Both?

There is no chance that private nor public can alone face this huge challenge.

It definitely needs both of us, in different roles.

Where private is good in bringing innovation, selling, doing diversity, doing roaming of creating these huge innovations and also pluging mobility into other fields, other sectors.

Where public side is good is in creating the game rules making sure infrastructure and all these elements are there, making sure that we all work for the societal goals as well as the individuals.

Well Sampo, Thank you very much for this talk!

I think we all quite a bright future.

This is the best time to be in mobility!

Stay tuned for more insights!

Mobility Makers Team

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