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Mona Levacher
Director of Electric Vehicle Offers of PSA Groupe

Mona Levacher, Director of Electric Vehicle Offers of PSA Groupe, talks about new challenges in the Electric Vehicle era. 

A few words from...

I am in charge of electric vehicle offers at Groupe PSA.

Main challenges in the EV industry and how you address them ?

The challenge is not only to propose the car but to propose the new services to facilitate the customers life. We need to propose a whole new ecosystem.

Some numbers?

We know that majority of people use their car less than 50 km per day and up to 90% of charging is done at home or at work place. So it shows the importance of proposing such solutions.

How do you adapt at PSA Groupe?

We propose a one stop shop approach for private charging. Charging at home or charging at the office.

When you receive your car, you receive your charging solution at the same time and our recommended partners in each country will take care of installing it for you. It is done all through one unique digital system. As a part of the global package we propose to our customers.

What changes in mobility rise from the Covid-19?

It’s an accelerator for the mobility trends which had already started.

I think very soon, we will see new norms such as more and more respect for the environment, more flexible working hours, the point that many people start to work and live in two locations or cities, and the point that people pay more attention to optimizing their transport.

I would like to thank the Mobility Makers for giving me this opportunity to share some words with you.

Thank you, Mona!

Stay tuned for more insights!

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