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Mohamed Mezghani
Secretary General of UITP

Mohamed Mezghani, Secretary General of UITP, shares his views on COVID-19 challenges in the Public Transport industry. 

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Mohamed Mezghani, Secretary General of UITP

What is UITP?

UITP is the global association of public transport operators, authorities and supplying industry, embracing all shared and on-demand modes besides conventional public transport.

We gather 1700 organisations from 100 countries.

Main impact of the Covid 19 crisis on public transport?

The drastic loss of ridership, up to 95% in some cities.

It may take time to recover this loss, so we’ll have to restore trust to welcome back passengers.

For that, it will be important to maintain high level of services while disinfecting stations and vehicles frequently. 

Learnings from the lockdown

Empty streets made everyone realize how much of our shared space is reserved for cars.

After the lockdown, people will certainly use this space for cycling and walking more than before. But they may travel more by car because of the perception that it is safer. 

What now?

We must keep on encouraging the use of public transport because it uses less road space, is safer and socially inclusive.

The mobility post-lockdown must be about moving people instead of moving cars.

Some words of inspiration?

Those who have been working on the frontlines are the Guardians of Mobility and we applaud them.

When the city was locked down, buses and trains were running for unavoidable trips and for the safe mobility of workers of essential services such as healthcare personnel.

Public transport is not just a mobility solution it is a vital service that keeps our cities alive with people at its heart.

Thanks a lot for for sharing with us!

It was wonderful to share my views with all of you.

I would like to thank Mobility Makers for offering me this opportunity.

Stay safe!

Thank you, Mohamed Mezghani for sharing with us!

Stay tuned for more trends and opinions!

Mobility Makers Team

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