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Lawrence Leuschner
Co-founder & CEO of TIER Mobility

Lawrence Leuschner, the Co-founder and CEO of TIER Mobility talks about how they plan to change mobility for good!

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Hi, I’m Lawrence Leuschner, the Co-founder and CEO of TIER Mobility.

Your favorite mode of transport?

My favorite mode of transport?

I would probably say, if i’m in the ocean, it’s a surfboard.

I currently travel, mostly in our new form of mobility our e-moped which is great fun and takes really on a great ride!

What is TIER?

TIER is the European leader for micromobility services and we are on its mission to change mobility for good.

Some numbers?

Over 500 employees, we are active in 60 cities and 9 countries.

Your secret sauce?

We are all united for that one mission which is change mobility for good.

The people work so hard and go the extra mile to figure out the best hardware, the best operations, the best efficiency in our processes, and create a brand that people love.

You can copy an hardware, you can copy a scooter, you can copy an operations model but you just can’t copy our people.

How do you see the impact of the Covid-19? Short-term/ long-term

Covid-19 was a big shock for most of our industries. But especially for mobility: people move less.

It was a decrease of about 80% of the revenues. But we decided that there is a way to operate and we actually have to operate. We also have to operate and transport people who are missioned critical jobs like in hospitals or who work for supermarkets.

Midterm, I think there will be a shift to more individual transport, and we can also see already plans from the cities that we have to go away from the ownership of cars, and also, probably, less public transport, and that’s why we are building a lot of lanes in the cities. 

What have been your biggest challenges so far?

The team is always eager to challenge the status quo.

One example is the helmet solution. Everybody said: the only way to have people riding a scooter with a helmet is to give free helmets. But that’s not a solution. That’s just a marketing campaign.

So we decided that we gonna challenge the status quo, figure out the solution that people can ride safely and have an helmet solution permanently with them when they are riding a scooter.

Another example is that we decided that we wanna switch to a more sustainable way of operating and a more efficient process of charging our scooters. Thats is why we develop the first swappable battery scooter that changed a lot for us, lot in the sense of it made it easier for our operations but also climate neutral.

Thanks a lot Lawrence, enjoy the ride 😉 And please let us know when you get the answer from Uber or Jump!
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