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John Rossant
Chairman & CEO of NewCities Foundation & CoMotion

John Rossant, The Chairman and CEO of NewCities & Comotion talks about sustainable mobility in small cities.




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Hi, my name is John Rossant.

I am the chairman of NewCities Foundation. I am also the CEO of CoMotion LA which is one of the world’s leading event in media platforms that’s focused on new mobility.


Major trends in mobility?

1. Hydrogen

One certainly, that we see everywhere around the world, is decarbonization. I think hydrogen in many ways, is one of the most interesting new developments on the mobility scene.

2. Original Equipment Manufaturers

I think we’re gonna see also more and more Original Equipment Manufaturers. If you wanted to produce a car, it was the minimum check of 2,3,4 billion dollars. For R&D, massive car plant… There’s been a real miniaturization of industrial processes. More and more companies, start ups, that are aiming to be car companies, whether it’s Rivian, Lucid Fisker, Local…

And some of these have a chance, a real chance. That really was not the case you know up until a few years ago.

3. Public-Private

The third big trend is we’re going to see a lot more public-private partnerships. Via has been making very interesting deals with mobility. Because of the COVID catastrophe almost every city has had its budgets and its financial underpinnings hollowed out. Cities and public authorities will have to turn more and more to the private sector.


How do you feel about electrification?

This is a very long accelerating long term trend of those who don’t move fast enough. I think risk becoming somewhat out-lawyered. Electrification of mobility is here to stay.

Is new mobility only for big cities?

The problems of big cities is that they tend to move very slowly. They’re big complicated bureaucratic administrations often.

And in smaller cities, where in fact most people in the world live. These cities can move quite quickly because you have labor, business, the political class, civic organizations, all kind of aligned in the same direction.

What's coming up next for you?

We’re so excited to be organizing the fourth edition of CoMotion LA.

In normal non-COVID times we have 2000 or 3000 of these leaders. CoMotion LA this year will be virtual, it happens over 3 days November 17 to the 19th.

We’re kicking off once again with our good friend mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles.

Thanks John, see you there !

Stay tuned for more insights!

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