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Herald Ruijters,
Director DG MOVE European Commission

The Directro of DG MOVE European Commission tells us about the Green Deal and Europe’s sustainability strategy.

The interview was filmed during ITS European Congress 2022 Toulouse. 

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Herald Ruijters, Director DG MOVE European Commission

Good morning, I’m Herald Ruijters from The European Commission.

I work in Brussels and I’m responsible for the Investments, Innovative and Sustainable Transport at DG MOVE European Commission. 

What are the challenges in Europe regarding sustainability?

Firstly, Europe has being confronted lately with quite a number of challenges. Especially, we have seen Brexit, then the Covid crisis. Even more, we see the current war in Ukraine. 

I think that Europe has to engage directly in order to become more resilient and to be in sync with the occuring events. . 

As the result, it shows that there was no time left for us to meet and talk about the Green Deal that the European Commission has put forward. 

Altogether, we are at right place to fight this climate change, to keep the 1.5 temperature rise achievable in the next future.

What is the Green Deal in Transportation by the European Commission?

Firstly, for the transportation program,  we have been putting forward a new sustainable and smart mobility strategy. It was about 1,5 years ago that the Green Deal was adopted. 

Following, in order to achieve these strategies, we have been making quite a number of proposals. For instance, the alternative fuels, the trans-European networks, plan to refueling aviation and maritime. 

Lastly, we have also put forward proposals that aim to have a higher efficiency in transport. One of them is the ITS Systems. 

These proposals are now on the table of the member-states and the European parliament. In addition, they are currently being negotiated.

Furthermore,  we hope that we can have results by the end of this year to the beginning of next year. 

Therefore, the result of these discussions should be contributing directly to achieve the Green Deal.

What is the strategy to implement the Green Deal?

To emphasize, the European Commission has put forward important budgets. These budgets will  help contributing the legislation. Alongside to become the seed money in realising these objectives. 

Indeed, there is the Connecting Europe Facility which has a budget of about 25 billion. Indeed, 80% of that budget is in the field of transport.

Moreover, these budgets will be directly going to the most environmentally friendly transport modes. Such as; the rails, the waterways, and also the interoperability systems for all of the traffic modes.,

What is the vision of EU Commission for the future?

Certainly, the Green Deal proposals of the Commission that were formulated last year, have a target to achieve the European Climate Law by 2030. Consequently, by reducing 55% of our CO2 emissions, and be fully decarbonized by the year 2050.

In addition, we have support the development of electric cars and hydrogen-powered cars. 

Correspondingly, we have seen the number of sales doubling up year after year. Hence, we think that they will phase out the traditional cars by 2035. 

The achievement should be there within a visible time horizon, They are not far away

What is your favorite mode of transport?

Personally, I like the most to travel by train, It is very relaxing.

Presently, train is a very safe transport mode. After all, It’s also the most energy-efficient transport mode. 

In addition, train allows you to work, to talk, and to have a relaxing travel time.

Thank you, Herald!

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