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Eric Boullier
Co-founder & CEO of Circle Mobility Solutions

Eric Boullier, Co-founder & CEO of Circle Mobility Solutions Eric Boullier, talks about the challenges in the free-floating industry and the solution proposed by Circle. 

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My name is Eric Boullier. I’m the Co-Founder and CEO of Circle Mobility Solutions. 

We have developed a specific solution for the free-floating market which is based on multimodality and a new offer: all e-leasing solutions using four wheel pods to complement the offer on the market.

Why did you decide to focus on free-floating?

Because it’s a niche business.

It’s obviously expanding massively throughout the cities. We also know that the cities’ landscape, if I may say this, will change in the future – no diesel car, no fossil fuel cars will be allowed, and also the habits of traveling, so the cities will be different in the future.


Can you tell us more about Circle's new vehicule?

So this solution is obviously a complete urban and suburban thing, because the car is limited to 70 km/h. You cannot go on the mottorway, obviously. 

The population who likes to be mobile free use multimodality, they can have a convenience to take the car or to take something else. 

What are the current pain points in car sharing industry and how do you solve them?

Few pain points, which have been raised over the last years with our customers, the operators, for example sending a jockey to drive the car back to the infrastructure or the recharging station will cost a lot of money and also immobilize the car for that time.

So we have designed a specific battery swap system with this car, which means operators can more or less every two days go change the batteries, check the car. 

It takes ten minutes and the car is operating again 24/7. 

What is your target market?

Operators such as Lime, Tier, Dott, Sixt, Share now, they obviously look for solutions, complete multimodality solutions from e-bikes, e-scooters, e-mopeds and obviously a four wheel solutions purposely designed for them to work and to solve their pain points in this business and be profitable. 

What a great adventure! Thank you, Eric Boullier for these insights.

Stay tuned for more insights!

Mobility Makers Team

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