Bertrand Piccard
Founder & Chairman of Solar Impulse

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Hi! I’m Bertrand Piccard, Swiss medical doctor, psychiatrist and explorer.

What keeps you motivated to always break records in the sustainable transportation?

What I love to do is to achieve great challenges, things that seem impossible.

Like in 1999, fly non-stop around the world in a balloon, and in 2016 fly around the world again but this time in a solar-powered airplane that means electric airplane ran by the energy of the sun.

So now, on the ground, of course the trends of mobility interest me a lot because it has to match with Solar Impulse.

You drive electric?

I drive of course full electric cars.

I also made a world record with hydrogen. The longest trip on only one tank of hydrogen. That was with a Hyndai Nexo. 

What mobility trends do you see for the future?

I think the trends for mobility will be like this: it will be electric, batteries or hydrogen but it needs to be with an electric engine because it is much more efficient.

There will be autonomous driving of course, there will be car-sharing in the context of sharing economy.

And we will have to retrofit the combustion engine cars with electric motors. So this is also interesting for the industry. The industry of retrofitting the combustion engine cars. 

Main challenges to come for you and Solar Impulse?

It goes into this vision of being more energy efficient, more resource efficient and the Solar Impulse foundation has launched now a new challenge. On the ground this time, not in the air, to identify, select and label 1000 solutions, that can be technologies, systems, products, materials, that are able to protect the environment but in a financially profitable way.

What's the plan?

It is to bring this portfolio of 1000 profitables solutions to heads of states in another around-the-world trip.

Not the trip of the solar-powered airplane but the trip of the solutions. The portfolio given to all the heads of states, big corporations, institutions in order to give them the tools to adopt much more ambitious energy policies and environmental targets.

Sounds awesome! We'll be more than happy to help! Thank you, Bertrand Piccard!
Stay tuned for more insights!

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