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Benoit Joly, Chief Commercial Officer at Wejo

Benoit Joly, Chief Commercial Officer at Wejo, talks about how mobility data from cars can show insights to help stakeholders build a better and safe driving approach.

The interview was filmed during Autonomy Paris 2022, a trade show dedicated to sustainable mobility.

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Benoit Joly, Chief Commercial Officer at Wejo.

My name is Benoit Joly, I am heading business for Wejo.

Firstly, at Wejo, we are partnering with OEMs. Such as; Automotive Manufacturers and tier ones fleet, to collect the data from connected cars, and turning this data into mobility insights.

Next, the data that we gained can be used for good,  we can propose them to many market verticals.

What type of data is used to get mobility insights?

The way we work, is that we are collecting all the sensors from the car. A car can be up to 300 sensors from your brake, your steering wheel pressure, your oil. 

In addition, all these sensors give us data. This data can be turned into meaningful insights.

More over, we are willing to play a better mobility experience for consumers by preventing traffic by playing on carbon emission reduction, giving all the analytics to the cities, to the drivers, to the fleet, to the automakers so that they can themselves build a better driving approach.

What are the main challenges getting data mobility insights?

Certainly, there are many challenges in doing that. Firstly, we need to be sure that the used case we build are relevant. Secondly, we have to make sure that we are fully compliant with privacy and consent management

Lastly, we also have to understand how we are impacting everybody’s experience and business. The technology also is very important.

Any numbers?

We are a highly scalable platform that takes data from more than 22 OEM tier ones, and fleet. We have more than 16 million cars processed real time around the world. And that’s to bring the right real time insight to the consumer and to the businesses.

What are the major trends?

We have major trends. Safety remains something very important but shifting energy to EV is also interesting and important right now. That’s why we introduced at Autonomy EV Intelligence, which is a set of insight that help automakers, consumers to better understand if EV cars are good for them, how they can drive better and make the best performance of a battery, and how we can also of the long term utilize EV cars in the most efficient way to save carbon emissions, to reduce carbon emissions, and to save money as well.

Micromobility to Cars?

We see that there are many challenges around the orchestration of cars mobility with micromobility and Autonomy event is very interesting to see the merge and a bundle between micromobility transportation, classical transportation, and car transportation.

We need also to consider that all these mobility capabilities will interact with each other and there is a predictability that we can build models around interactions, and how people can shift from micromobility to a car and when to use a car, when not to use a car.

What is your favorite mode of transport?

When I go to Paris I prefer to park the car because I am told where to park best and how to organize my parking and based on that I take public transportation of micromobility.

Thank you, Benoit!

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