CAREER PATH / Experience

  • Elaborate infrastructure investments in the field of transport, smart city, sustainability  
  • Study cities in transports perspective 
  • Worked for several administration or city council 
  • Provided transport strategies and long term solutions 
  • Managed professional teams 
  • Created infographics & graphic designs & 3D landscape 
  • Planning and launch a bike share program 
  • Planned strategy for zero safety incidents
  • Development of Mobility as a Service concept


  • Engineering schools
  • School of Architecture and urbanism
  • Culture of micro-mobility, sustainable transports, automotive, electric vehicles…

About Me

My analysis spirit and my passion for mobility and cities allows me to develop mapping skills. I always have a creative mind. Building a strategy in order to solve problems is my motivation on a daily basis. I know how to be persuasive with my team but also how to listen to ingenious proposals. 


  • Taste for challenge
  • Taste for urbanism
  • Handle softwares
  • Love traveling


High-level transport analysis 100%
Spirit of Initiative 95%
Travel plan writing 95%
Management 93%
Solving problems 90%

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