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Who are
Mobility Makers?

Mobility Makers is the professional network of sustainable mobility leaders gathering more than 15.000 members. 

We facilitate connections and collaborations in sustainable mobility sector between corporates, startups, policy makers, VC and researchers.


Mobility Makers reunite all verticals of the transport industry into one global network.

Automotive, micromobility, shared mobility, active mobility,  smart cities, mass transit, urban logistics, MaaS, we drive the entire sector forward through market trends and insights from mobility leaders, networking, and partnerships with major mobility events.

What we do

Mobility Events

Discover the not-to-miss events in sustainable mobility around the world

Mobility Meetings

Meet mobility industry professionals through monthly networking one-on-one sessions

Mobility Talks

Check out the perspective of global mobility leaders throughout short video interviews

Mobility Vision

Get a glimpse of inspiring stories and the future of sustainable mobility through opinion pieces

How we support events worldwide

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