CAREER PATH / Experience

  • Monitoring a team
  • Coordinate a project with a client in mobility, future of transport, sustainable vehicles, Car Rental
  • Gained insight into the shared micro-mobility industry, sustainability and future of mobility. 
  • Develop an electrical solution
  • Launched commercial deployment with major players in transport
  • Managed events like test drives, product launches…
  • Make partnerships with international brands
  • Deployment of clean vehicles policy 
  • Elaborate SEO strategies


  • Business school
  • Engineering schools
  • University background

About Me

I like to constantly learn about different areas and I think that everything in life is exciting.  That’s why I love to manage a project from A to Z. My favorite thing about mobility since I was a child is that it’s a sector that moves and renews itself very quickly,
a bit like me.


  • Good writing and speaking
  • Taste for event management


Mobility budget knowledge 95%
Management 95%
Rigorous and methodical 90%
Logical & Creative 90%
Taste for numbers and technology 85%

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