Velo-city 2019

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Convention Centre Dublin
Convention Centre Dublin, North Wall Quay, North Wall, Dublin 1, Irlande

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Jun 25 - 28 2019


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The theme for Velo-City 2019 Dublin is Cycling for the Ages. Our focus is on how we can make cycling accessible to everyone from the widest range possible, from the age of 6 to 80. This theme focuses on encouraging cycling by people of all ages and abilities, young and old, male and female as part of their daily transport and recreation.

The name of the theme ‘Cycling for the Ages’ is primarily intended to mean cycling from young to old, but also has a slant to another meaning, which is the changes in cycling over time. This will be particularly relevant to the changes that are occurring in cycling such as dockless bikeshare schemes, the role of data analytics, enhanced infrastructure design, and synergies between promoting cycling and public health.

While the overall theme of the conference is ‘Cycling for the Ages’; the three main themes below this are:

  • Technology, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Data Analytics,

  • Cycling Infrastructure

  • Health and Social Engagement

How these different themes overlap and converge and the relationships between them will also be an area of interest that will be developed.

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