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Lyon Convention Center
Lyon, France

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May 10 - 11 2023


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MIX.E 2023


In a period where carbon neutrality is  a key concern for all industries, MIX.E 2023 is an event 100% dedicated to the low carbon energy max, taking place in Lyon on May 10 – 11, 2023.

MIX.E is a professional Tech & Uses event that will bring together for 2 days European innovations, solutions and deployments for a carbon-neutral energy mix: new renewable energies, hydrogen innovations, storage & conversion solutions, networks & Data management…

Now more than ever, against the backdrop of the current energy crisis, companies and local authorities need visibility on the zero-emission path taken by Europe and operational solutions to rethink their energy uses & strategies.

In all sectors, there is an urgent need for deep transformation of energy production and consumption: a shift towards systems that are not only more autonomous, efficient and sustainable, but also – and the word is on everyone’s mind – more sober.

Topics to be discussed: 

  • Energy and industrial transitions: how to address their time factor?
  • How to transition away from fossil fuels ?
  • Financing: Reducing the risks to scale-up?
  • Energy transition and its acceptability
  • Energy for the future: services and uses in full bloom
  • And much more…


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