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This month, Autotech Council members open their doors for a morning of debate and discovery, product demos, startup pitches, and great networking as we get a sense of the innovations and opportunities that will advance the world’s Smart Cities.

By 2030, the world is projected to have 43 megacities with more than 10 million inhabitants. In general, global populations are urbanizing, but congestion and pollution have shown us that 20th Century solutions for moving people and goods around cities simply won’t work anymore. Historically, as cities grew, the solution to mobility was seen as more cars and more roads. But we know now that this strategy eventually hits a literal bottleneck as cities grow, and countless hours are wasted in traffic.

The 21st Century city needs 21st Century mobility solutions, and we now have the opportunity to invent them, since the modern Smart City offers a wealth of data, systems, AI, and connectivity which have never been available before. We are on the verge of a new era, where innovators will take the capabilities of the Smart City, and leverage them to improve mobility by:

  • integrating transport, mobility, and logistic systems
  • facilitating multi-modal fast commutes
  • reducing CO2 emissions and pollutants
  • empowering e-business and e-commerce
  • integrating with Software-Defined cellular networks
  • managing the use resources: energy, real estate, and other
  • minimizing energy consumption and control pollution.


Join Autotech Council members, OEMs, vendors, mobility investors and startups in this online meeting featuring an analyst, expert panel, facilitated networking, moderated chat, technology demos, optional breakout rooms, curated startup introductions, and our interactive format that promotes business between member and non-member companies.

The event is finished.

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