CAREER PATH / Experience

  • Work with a team of developers, designers, data analysts, marketing managers…
  • Launch a mobility international startup
  • Deployment of a B2B and B2C marketing strategy in environnement, transport networks, fleet management, “last mile management”, Mobility as a Service concept
  • Report to stakeholders 
  • Management of P&L 
  • Sourcing and negotiation of tech suppliers


  • Business school 
  • Engineering schools

About Me

What I like in my job is to be efficient in several missions as much in management, consulting as in sales and marketing. Challenging tasks motivate me more than they frighten me. I am very open to innovation and want to transmit my skills to every member of my team in order to create the most effective strategy. 


  • Have a contact list of clients, journalists, mobility actors, consultants
  • Digital tools


Management 100%
Customer relationship 95%
Distribution trends knowledge 90%
Data knowledge 90%
Sense of anticipation 85%
Development methods knowledge 85%

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