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Spotlight on Dealer Tech

Autotech Council’s Spotlight Series, supported by Avanta Ventures, features a handful of interesting startups working in a single industry segment followed by an interactive conversation on that topic.

Up to 5 startups in the Dealer Tech segment will introduce the Autotech Council community to their ideas and technologies in our virtual meetingroom. Delegates from our ventures and vendor members who are following changes in this segment will be asking questions and giving feedback to each startup.

As with all Autotech Council meetings, we leave time on the agenda for members and attendees to connect with each other, followup with the startups, and continue the conversation – this time around Dealer Tech solutions.

This 90-minute session focuses on the innovation happening across the vehicle purchase experience. How can Dealerships respond to shifting times, improve the customer experience, and re-establish their value in the supply chain? Startups will pitch their solutions across business models, predictive maintenance, fintech, charging, data, AI and more – to get us all thinking about the opportunities created by this disruption.

  • Date: 7/11/2023 01:00 PM
  • Location: Autotech Council Virtual Lounge

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