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Moving the 15min City: Policies, Data, Services, and Spaces

The “15 minute city” is a concept that has gained traction in Paris, France and for many urban leaders around the world over the last few years. It redefines how we think about designing cities and mobility and places most day to day services within a short walk / cycle/ scoot of most residents. The needs of the resident are located to encourage a low carbon lifestyle. The 15 minute city is also about designing services that can be brought to residents within this 15 minute window.

Topics that will be discussed with our guests:

– Where are we as urban leaders in thinking about the delivery of 15 minute cities?

– Where is most progress being made in their development?

– What are the data needs or gaps in enabling this vision?

– Can we bring related thinking from other markets in the world to the European context in delivering this agenda?

The event is finished.

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