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01 Dec 2022


2:00 pm - 2:45 pm



Webinar: The Importance of Road Safety across Multimodal Transport


Join mobility experts for an online meeting on 1st December to discuss the importance of road safety across multimodal transport.


Topics that we’ll discuss with our guests:

* What is multimodal transportation and what problems is it solving?

Multimodal transportation consists of Public Transit systems supported by shared mobility (MaaS) to cover the gap in the first and last mile of the journey. The rise of urban mobility options such as car sharing, shared micro-mobility and autonomous vehicles endorses to improve accessibility to public transit and accelerate shift towards non-private car travel especially in cities. Proponents of MaaS have echoed the positive impacts towards environmental sustainability as transitioning towards multimodal transportation addresses the issues of transport related air pollution and traffic congestion.

* What are the main gaps in multimodal transit?

Several studies have highlighted the gaps in accepting multimodal transit such as public acceptance, gaps in urban infrastructure designs such as allocating dedicated bike paths. Research has shown there is a rise in the number of people biking if adequate bike infrastructure is implemented. Lack of dedicated cycle paths for bike sharing or e-scooter sharing result in increased risk for micro-mobility users.

* What are the potential solutions, opportunities and opinions?

The panelists will discuss the potentials of multimodal transit systems and its benefits to society, while addressing the issue of road safety as top priority. Collaboration between cities, operators and third parties can facilitate enhanced road safety, through better informed policies and infrastructure design.


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