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WEBINAR – Data-Driven Digital Deliveries: Better Curb Management for Urban Logistics

Covid-19 has brought challenging transformations to commuting, shopping, education, leisure and socialisation. All of this has also created an increasing demand for deliveries in residential areas, but also across cities. The logistics of a digitised, remote or flexible workforce, who increasingly use their homes for a multitude of previously location specific tasks, while we continue to expand classic public transport services and rollout micro-mobility, is challenging basic assumptions of space utilisation in cities and particularly at the curb! For cities this is one of the next mobility challenges!

Topics that we’ll discuss with our guests:

*How should cities look to manage streets and specifically curb space in the digital age where demand for this space is rapidly increasing due to home based lifestyles which are supported by prompt access to a wide range of retail and personal service deliveries?

*What are cities doing today regarding managing the curb and what are the immediate plans by innovators to deliver new management techniques?

*Furthermore, can we apply lessons from other digitised digital services in managing urban curb space?

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