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Vianova Webinar – Scandinavian success in micro-mobility

While shared micro-mobility services have been implemented in many global and European markets, some of the most comprehensive, highly used, well integrated, thoroughly considered and researched services are in northern Europe in cities across Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland). It is also the home base of some of the larger service operators.

After another successful summer season of operating and developing the shared micro-mobility market in Scandinavia cities, what can been see as the lessons learnt from this vigorous local market and particularly what lessons can be applied to other regions across Europe?

Topics that we’ll discuss with the guests:

  • How has data-led insight helped shape the Scandinavian shared micro-mobility market?
  • How are the expectations and reactions of users of these services, other transport users, and public and private stakeholders evolving to the roll out of shared micro-mobility in these markets?
  • What can the Scandinavian shared micro-mobility market tell the wider European and global world about how to make these services successful and popular for local users, attractive to operators and an integrated part of the wider transport system?
  • How are these shared services being controlled and monitored in these Scandinavian markets in order to support these outcomes?

The event is finished.

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