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Dec 06 - 07 2022


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Contribute to the transition to a more climate-positive future at the VERGE: NET ZERO. From 6 – 7 December 2022.


Join VERGE Net Zero to access dozens of case studies, tutorials and inspiring keynotes designed to accelerate your organization’s journey to net zero.

The journey to net zero is underway. We know the destination and the deadline: A net-zero economy by mid-century at the latest.

It is a complimentary online event that will provide you with deep dives and how-to guides on the best approaches for accelerating your organization’s net-zero transition. Register to participate live in dozens of inspiring and provocative keynote sessions and panel discussions. Furthermore, watch any you miss, on-demand, after the event.

Connect with and learn from thousands of private, and public-sector leaders. This includes professionals in sustainability, supply chain, facilities, fleets, finance, policy and manufacturing. Building a profitable and climate-positive future.


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