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22 Jul 2020


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

In these uncertain times, one of the keys to bringing travellers back on board public transport is rebuilding trust. Riders need to trust that the transport systems they’ve relied upon in the past are still safe, dependable and efficient.

In this webinar, Moovit’s Frank Kopas will discuss how agencies can utilize apps as rider engagement tools and gain insights to improve operational plans. Cubic’s Robert Sprogis will provide an overview of how municipalities, transport agencies and operators, and large businesses can leverage rewards and incentives to manage travel behaviour and passenger loads. Cubic’s Bonnie Crawford will provide use cases for marrying the rich rider and operational data for improved traveller experiences.


With an overview of the impact of public transit declines due to stay-at-home orders and COVID-19 based on public transit index scores globally, this webinar will:

– Explain how transit agencies can earn and instill trust with their travellers
– Explore how apps can provide data, even as habitual travel behavior has changed to adaptive situational-based behaviour
– Provide understanding of how communicating information effectively can instill trust and drive ridership increases
– Explain how using incentive programmes can drive riders back to transport and drive changes in traveller behaviour.

The event is finished.

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