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27 - 28 Jan 2021


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Increasingly stringent legislation on CO2 emissions are causing a paradigm change in powertrain development. Electrification is broadening the global drive mix with and without combustion engines. The focus of this international conference will be on advanced drive concepts designed equally for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The complexity of the cause-and-effect relationships can only be mastered through digitization. Systems thinking, intelligent management and new development methods play crucial roles in the race for the drive of the future.

Drive systems consisting of internal combustion engines, electrification, and CO2-neutral fuels are effective means of enabling us to continue to meet our transport and mobility requirements without restrictions in the future. The precondition for this is renewable electric energy. This energy can be used either directly in electric drive systems or indirectly through synthetic fuels. If international markets are to be successfully supplied with sustainable products, a discussion that is open to all technologies and goes beyond familiar technical borders will become increasingly important. For that reason, ATZlive is combining this powertrain congress with the ATZ congress “Grid Integration+Electrified Mobility” in order to promote interaction between representatives from the automotive industry, energy providers, and power grid operators. Meet the experts virtually via live stream.

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