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EUREXPO de Lyon, Lyon, France
EUREXPO de Lyon, Lyon, France

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21 - 25 Nov 2023


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Road transportation is going through its revolution. A revolution in practices, with a constant digitalisation of companies, but also a revolution in the way we use energies. SOLUTRANS’ own purpose is to help you navigate the regulation, technical and competitive stakes, and ultimately help you make this revolution a growing opportunities.

A committed, ambitious and resolutely confirmed promise in the 2023 programme through 5 major themes:

  • Urban deliveries : Alternative delivery modes for an increasingly restrictive city centre
  • New Energies : Diversifying powertrains, an economic and environmental challenge
  • Tyres : positive impact casings at the hearts of industry issues
  • Retrofit : Improving what already exists, an economical and ecological option
  • Embedded intelligence : supporting the sector towards self-driving


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