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London, Royaume-Uni

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Nov 22 2022


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Smart Transport National Conference 2022

Hear from the country’s leading policy makers and private sector experts on how they are working together to deliver transport decarbonisation and understand the important role you can play during the Smart Transport National Conference in London, on November 22, 2022.

Senior UK policymakers and Government officials will share valuable insight and knowledge to help the public and private sectors collaborate and turn future transport goals into reality at November’s Smart Transport Conference in London. The conference will address the important issues of the moment including:

  • Decarbonising commuting
  • Making the railways part of an integrated passenger and freight network
  • The Road Investment Strategy’s (RIS3) contribution to decarbonisation
  • Planning reforms and their impact on transport
  • Overcoming public backlash against new transport policies
  • Using data to plan transport policies


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