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15 Oct 2019


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Panel 1

Holy Grail of Mobility? Mobility-as-a-Service

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) facilitates on-demand, carefree mobility with payment and trip planning integration. Deployment of MaaS poses a series of challenges as it requires consensus among various stakeholders on regulation, business models, and standards.

  • What are the current barriers and challenges to realize MaaS?
  • How could standardization play a role in achieving “roamable” MaaS?

Panel 2

Micromobility: Clear skies ahead?

The newest mobility emergence is micromobility. Though still up for debate, the class of micromobility vehicles generally refers to low-speed, low-weight vehicles that are self-propelled or have propulsion assistance. The rapid proliferation of micromobility has raised questions regarding operations and regulations.

  • Is micromobility safe and sustainable?
  • Who regulates which part of micromobility?

Panel 3

Future Mobility Outlook: Beyond the Horizon

Mobility as we know it continues to be redefined. What does the future of mobility look like? What is the next mobility frenzy on ground and in air? In this panel, industry experts will share their speculations through a series of Pecha Kucha style presentations.

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