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Palais des Congrès de Paris
Paris, France

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Sep 12 - 13 2023


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Salon Produrable


Salon PRODURABLE is the biggest European meeting of actors and solutions in favor of sustainable economy. In partnership with the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity, as well as the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion, PRODURABLE collaborates with the main professional networks as well as the main media.

The facts are in, the solutions exist, what is missing to accelerate the low-carbon transition, to reduce our impacts, to regenerate life, to preserve humanity and to make a choice for society?
ADEME has proposed 4 transformation scenarios. What do they have in common? The urgency to “undertake, as of this decade, the profound transformation of consumption patterns, land use planning, technologies and productive investments”. We are indeed at the time of choices.

There will be no transformation without courage.

Choosing means arbitrating, choosing means innovating, choosing means taking risks, daring to break with the past, choosing means giving up….


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