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22 - 23 May 2024


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Renewable Energy Revenues Summit

As we gather in May 2024 for the third edition of the Renewable Energy Revenues Summit, the energy landscape continues to evolve rapidly, influenced by the beating drum of climate change, volatility around power prices and the need to decarbonise power procurement as well as generation. During this summit, attendees will gain insights into: 

  • Mitigating various risks, including regulatory, credit, profile, volume, and imbalance, when structuring PPAs Pricing PPAs amidst uncertain macroeconomic conditions, regulatory changes, and a volatile renewable energy wholesale market 
  • Extracting value from renewable energy certificates incorporated in PPAs 
  • Effective hedging strategies for trading renewable energy across diverse power markets 
  • Utilizing the latest data and modelling techniques to enhance PPAs and power trading 
  • Structuring PPAs tailored to specific low carbon energy technologies, such as wind, solar, batteries, green hydrogen and electric vehicles 
  • Building a proficient energy procurement and trading team to bolster certainty in renewable energy trading 


The challenges we face are complex, but with collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision, we can navigate the uncertainties and create a sustainable energy future. Let’s harness the power of collective knowledge and drive forward the renewable energy agenda.   

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