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Automating and sharing our modes of transit

Futurists and industry analysts have envisioned a world where shared autonomous mobility is the way of the future. Yet, public transportation usage has gone down 80% in urban cities, and ride sharing has gone down 70% in major cities. What changes are surfacing as the implementation of teleworking and geographic diffusion to the suburbs continue to rise? The automotive industry, along with technology companies and venture capitalists, has been investing heavily to achieve Level 5 autonomous driving capabilities. With the spike in demand from online commerce and delivery, is the industry adopting innovation? In this session, we will explore the technical gaps and challenges we face to achieve the new future of mobility.

Discussion topics:

  • What is the state of autonomous technologies post-COVID?
  • Will teleworking, e-commerce and TNCs (transportation network companies) replace the need for car ownership?
  • How have micro-mobility solutions transformed over the last three months and what will the lasting changes be?

The event is finished.

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