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Monte-Carlo, Monaco
Monte-Carlo, Monaco

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Nov 21 - 22 2022


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Monaco Hydrogen Forum


The Monaco Hydrogen Forum is the first platform exclusively dedicated to mobility and renewable hydrogen, taking place in Montecarlo on November 21 – 22, 2022.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations are higher and rising faster than ever before, with transportation alone accounting for nearly 25% of all global emissions. Hydrogen, particularly green hydrogen, can and should play a critical role in global and national decarbonization strategies.

The theme of this first edition is Moving the World with Green Hydrogen, with a strong focus on both innovation and its enabling ecosystem: without innovation, we cannot move the world with green hydrogen. Without a functioning ecosystem, existing and new solutions cannot be accelerated and developed throughout the broader transportation value chain. Today, these are imperative we have the collective obligation to meet in order to effectively decarbonize the transportation industry.

Innovation Day – 21 November 2022 The first day of the Monaco Hydrogen Forum will focus on innovation, presenting solutions that can revolutionize hydrogen mobility across all sectors.

Ecosystem Day – 22 November 2022 The second day of the Monaco Hydrogen Forum will deep dive into the concept of a renewable hydrogen and transportation ecosystem, advancing global discussions across several transportation sectors. It will close featuring the inaugural award of the Monaco Prize for Innovation in Renewable Hydrogen and Transportation. The day will end with a gala dinner.


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