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#MobilityCafe ☕🤝

Meet the mobility industry every first tuesday of the month, through an innovative format, 5-minute random one-on-one sessions 🤳
If there is a good fit, you will get the contact details of your interlocutor to extend the discussion.

🥳 Because we believe one shouldn’t have to pay to network: it’s free!
If you have any question, contact us:

You just need to connect to the platform on Janury 4th, and you will automatically be assigned 1-to-1 meetings one after another for one hour of networking with mobility professionals.
If you wish to extend the calls later, you’ll be able to let your interlocutor get yout contact infos and reschedule a longer call. If not you just go to the next meeting assigned 😊

Register here:

The event is finished.

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