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Palais de la Bourse
Marseille, France

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Mar 09 2023


2:00 pm - 6:00 pm



Mobility MeetUp @Marseille by Padam Mobility


See you in Marseille on Thursday, March 9, 2023, for the Mobility MeetUp, starting at 2:00 pm.


Policy makers, transport operators, digital solution providers, consultants, urban planners, sociologists, entrepreneurs…

We all agree that thinking about mobility requires the association of 360° expertises. As a player in the mobility sector, we have decided to launch our first ever MeetUp event, based on the observation that the opportunities for inter-expert meetings are sometimes lacking, because the formats are either too specific or too broad.

On the agenda, experts from various backgrounds will speak on the following topic: what kind of public/private dialogue is needed to provide better service to users in low-density areas?

The idea? To bring together different points of view and make known initiatives with a focus on the challenges encountered in the southern region:

Alternation between high and low population densities in a complex territory
Geological and topographical constraints: coastal areas, mountains…
Seasonality of mobility needs
Aging population

Join us for a friendly exchange followed by a networking moment.

The detailed and definitive program will be communicated to you very soon.


Register: Here!

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