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Car manufacturers are slowly changing into mobility service providers – the automotive industry is becoming a mobility industry – unfortunately, the industry has not yet recognized this across the board. For this to happen, the new mobility must begin in people’s minds. It requires a new mentality, mental agility and a holistic approach with the will to change towards networked and autonomous driving with electric cars.

In the future, the engine and design will not be the most important decision factors when buying a car. Instead, it will be digital experiences and relevant services. Data, as the basis for new mobility concepts and business models, will undoubtedly be the catalyst for these exciting possibilities. Data protection is of central importance. In autonomous cars, it will become even more important to protect the driver’s personal data. We need to collect and analyze data in a secure way.

At the 4th eMove360° e-Monday Congress, mobility experts will illuminate the entire spectrum of mobility 4.0 – electric – networked – autonomous, provide future perspectives and inform about new technologies and trends.

The event is finished.

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