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2020 has seen the Covid19 crisis challenge and change travel behaviour as well as place a renewed focus on supporting and delivering sustainable, multi-modal and robust public transport systems that support regional mobility as well as local needs. While private and shared micro-mobility has been an increasing part of the transport mix in many cities for many years, the year has seen a focus on embedding these systems in urban transport such as in Paris and Madrid as well as the start of widespread trials of these services across England. The Covid-19 crisis has been providing a focus for market review and expansion.

For operators of shared micro-mobility services, 2020 has been a year of reacting to market challenges early in the pandemic period, to market survival during the spring, to renewed business models and market relevance as the importance of shared micro-mobility was realised by civic leaders.

For cities, micro-mobility and particularly shared services are offering an ability to encourage active transport, support short distance travel that is a result of the changes in behaviour brought about by the pandemic, as well as provide much more modal choice to travellers who might otherwise be tempted to travel in private cars.

Topics that we’ll discuss with our guests:

  • Shared micro-mobility is rapidly changing the transport offer in cities across Europe and many parts of the world. The challenges of 2020 have led to further innovation within the industry and the coming years will hopefully see these modes fully embedded in the set of transport choices in our cities.
  • However, looking to 2021 what should we as innovators, city leaders and policy experts expect and encourage?
  • Furthermore, what is it that we need to resist in order that this exciting mobility opportunity is not lost?


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