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The Covid-19 Crisis is one of the most sudden and comprehensive behavioural and economic crises to hit modern society in generations. It has led to significant and immediate changes in how people live, shop, work, socialise and consequently travel. Public transport travel demand, in particular, has substantially collapsed in cities around the world during the lockdown phase of national crisis mitigation plans.

As cities begin to emerge from the crisis in the coming weeks, some form of normality will begin to assert itself. However, we cannot expect life, and in particular travel behaviours and patterns, to return immediately to the pre-Covid situation due to ongoing public health, business and economic challenges.

Mobility systems have also been significantly impacted by the Covid crisis. Many cities have enforced closures of their local systems to support, or as a result of, reductions in travel by the local population or for public health reasons due to the shared nature of public systems.

How will the micro-mobility industry emerge from the Covid crisis? Much is still unknown, but what are the key challenges, as well as opportunities, that we as operators, cities, innovators and policy experts should be considering in order to rebuild a robust and relevant micro-mobility industry?

Vianova is leading a series of webinars with thought leaders, cities and operators in the coming weeks exploring these issues.

Here is what you will learn:

  • how has mobility been impacted by the Covid19 crisis;
  • how are cities and operators thinking about the future of micro-mobility in the immediate post-lockdown phase;
  • how will shared services have to change in the longer term as a result of the crisis.

Webinar #3 will focus on the following:

  • What are the perspectives of operators and cities in the USA versus in Europe on the opportunities for new mobility and micro-mobility in the post-Covid world ?
  • What may need to change ?

The event is finished.

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