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Mar 22 - 23 2021


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Light Rail Day is the leading conference for Tramway in Scandinavia.

Light Rail Day was founded under the name “Letbanedagen” in 2009 in Odense/Denmark. At that time, it was meant to be the national Light Rail conference for Denmark. The founder Bernd Reuß got the idea after it was clear, that there would be financing for the first Danish city tram system in Aarhus. 4 decades before this, the last city tram in Copenhagen had been shut down. The name of Bernd´s Company was at that time Goodtranslations – later it was changed into

Very soon the conference developed into one of the most important conferences for city trams in Scandinavia. Bernd Reuß, based in Copenhagen, has been the Event Manager since the beginning in 2009. Light Rail Day has been to Odense, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Bergen, Aarhus and is now going to Helsinki.

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