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Autotech Council members open their discussion on Connected Cars to the public. Join OEMs, suppliers, startups and VCs to discover technologies, across connectivity, data and analytics, and apps and service. This meeting will focus on the new technologies and innovations enabling the future of the connected car, and introduce you to the startups and entrepreneurs making this future a reality.

With millions of connected vehicles on our roads, specific trends are fostering the explosion of connectivity, and associated products, services, and societal benefits. New 5G networks, availability of new spectrum, progress in smart cities, Edge cloud computing, and AI combine to enable a real-time, fully connected car. We will see an explosion of V2V accident avoidance, better flowing traffic, better utilized vehicle resources, telematics, and infotainment solutions enter into our private cars, shared livery, and public transport

We expect a vibrant discussion around key topics, as well as hearing from a number of innovative solution providers.

Registration Fee: $200 (Join From Your Desk)
Details & Registration:

The event is finished.

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