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The future of mobility in the UK will be smart, clean and connected. The electrification of vehicles, the adoption of connected & autonomous vehicles and the rise of single integrated transport services are the key drivers to reach this goal.

Connectivity is the key enabler underpinning these innovations changing the way people travel, cities are designed and how we think about the car.

5G with its reduced latency, energy-saving and faster data rates offer the mobility sector significant reward if we are able to harness the power of hyper-connectivity to enhance future travel.

Join the IDEALondon Future Mobility event on 8th July as we explore 5G deployment in the UK, the latest trends, the impact and opportunities for the mobility sector. Join the conversation as we hear from an expert panel as we dive deeper on 5G rollout, the projects, testbeds, challenges & opportunities for mobility startups.

You will also hear from startups utilising 5G to deliver their innovative new products and services.

The event is finished.

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