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Marriott Hotel
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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01 Dec 2022


9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Hydrogen-fuelled Buses and Infrastructure in Europe 2022


The mission of the Hydrogen-fuelled Buses and Infrastructure in Europe conference – taking place on December 1st in Amsterdam – is to discuss the European Commission’s (EC) programmes, policies, initiatives and funding for hydrogen-fuelled buses and hydrogen refuelling stations (HRSs).


It will evaluate the progress so far, highlight opportunities in the deployment of hydrogen-fuelled buses and development of infrastructure in Europe, provide information on procuring, financing, operating and maintaining hydrogen-fuelled buses as well as HRSs and discuss the experience so far, recent developments, best practices, issues with large-scale deployment and lessons learnt. It will also showcase noteworthy case studies and new and existing technologies.


The conference will bring together policymakers, transit agencies, city government officials, OEMs, bus manufacturers, suppliers of bus components, technology providers, energy providers, hydrogen-fuelling infrastructure providers, funding agencies, multilateral development banks, consultants, researchers and academicians.


The one-day in-person conference will have seven targeted sessions and case studies, with participation from a wide range of international experts, who will provide valuable insights and actionable advice. The agenda will cover the plans of cities for deploying hydrogen-fuelled buses and setting up HRSs in Europe. It will also highlight the latest developments and solutions to improve customer experience.


The conference will also help understand the role governments, transit agencies, transport operators, manufacturers and consultants can play in deploying hydrogen-fuelled buses in a city. Besides, it will provide insights into the offerings of leading manufacturers and suppliers.


There will also be a dedicated session on the experiences of leading cities in the deployment of hydrogen-fuelled buses. This will provide an opportunity to learn how to deploy hydrogen-fuelled buses and set up fuelling infrastructure, mobilise funding and manage stakeholder expectations.


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