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Nov 07 2019


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HSBC Cities of the Future 2019 – Smarter Connections

In a screen-intense world, meaningful connections are the foundation for a successful business and sustainable future.

Data is the beating heart of a Future City, while technology will be the infrastructure enabling a seamless transformation – freeing us to focus on valuable human interactions.

More than ever before, power will be with people themselves, to control their own experiences and invest time in fruitful and enriching conversations with peers for both personal and professional growth.

HSBC invites you to Paris on 7th November 2019 for HSBC’s second Cities of the Future Conference, a platform that will enable, connect, empower and free you, the Future Citizens of the world to unlock your potential to succeed.


Mark Tucker, HSBC Group Chairman

Urbanisation provides significant opportunities to invest in sustainable infrastructure, increase trade and improve living standards for many people. However, with the world’s urban population set to reach 6.7 billion by 2050, urbanisation can also intensify the challenges of pollution, congestion and the provision of services. Cities need strong leadership, sound investment and effective collaboration across the public and private sectors to ensure that they grow, develop and succeed in the long-term.


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