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Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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Apr 26 - 27 2022


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Future of Commuting Summit


This event grew out of ACT’s successful Emerging Mobility Summit and features many of the event’s unique opportunities for interactive discussions, learning, and networking about the future of commuting.
It aims to bring together 100+ employers, thought leaders, government agencies, and private sector TDM leaders. The goal of the Summit is to address the ever-evolving challenges that face commuters from home to work or campus. Let’s take a deep dive into best practices surrounding commuter programs from a variety of employers all over the country and the challenges they’re facing in their areas.


Topics to be discussed: 

  • Transforming the Steel City
  • The Human Mobility Spectrogram
  • Commuting to Work after the Pandemic – An Employers Perspective
  • How must TDM Programs Evolve Post-pandemic?
  • Is MaaS Universal?  Who’s not Being Served and What to do?
  • Expanding Mobility Options or Reducing VMT — Are they Mutually Exclusive?
  • Key Elements of Shared Commute Offerings in a Post-COVID World
  • And much more…


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