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Capitole de Toulouse
Capitole de Toulouse, Toulouse, France

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19 Nov 2021


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Forum Zéro Carbone de Toulouse

The end of 2021 brings us face to face with the extent of the climate crisis, which is very present in our cities. The COP26 is trying to find a way through the difficulties and the COVID-19 pandemic remains a sword of Damocles that forces us to change our way of life, our way of working and our way of travelling.

Toulouse, like all the metropolises of France and the world, is facing the end of the year 2021, which forces us to reflect and act. Our challenge is to map out the paths for a future that we must continue to build, at the crossroads of ecology, economy and social impact, in order to offer a more desirable future.

This is the meaning of our meeting in this Toulouse Zero Carbon Forum, “From COP21 to COP 26”. A strong moment to share our concerns, reflections and also our projects to move together towards this essential transformation.

We are once again present in Toulouse to participate in this common approach and continue to build a collective path. Come and do it with us, the pages to be written will be a collective work!

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