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Aug 23 - 24 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm



COVID-19 has not only exposed our frailty and vulnerability but has also undoubtedly changed the world into a before and after era. Talking beyond the economic fallout, as we lumber out of the situation, almost everything would have changed – be it the way we transport people or goods, or the manner in which we do our business, the way we manufacture things. In all this, the virtual world and the world of technology have upped their importance.

Electrification and e-mobility solutions are key enablers for reducing CO2 emissions. E-mobility will play a key role in solving many of the challenges we face today with regard to energy use and urbanization.

As a clean, zero-emissions mode of transport, EVs are expected to gain popularity in the future. But at present, fully charging them is a time-consuming process that can take several hours using a household power supply; also the widespread belief is that the cars are too expensive. In addition, EVs are only able to drive short distances compared to gasoline-engine vehicles. Easily accessible charging infrastructure is a prerequisite for the transition to electric vehicles. There is still significant uncertainty as to when actual, large-scale adoption of electric vehicles will occur.

Our two-day conference will discuss today’s technologies and tomorrow’s solutions for smart charging, investment needs and business models for e-mobility, latest trends in e-mobility and charging and update on Charging Infrastructure Market.

Our attendees will have the opportunity to network with experts in the field while learning and sharing their experience

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