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Charlotte Convention Center
Charlotte, NC, USA

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Jun 28 - 30 2022


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Electrification 2022

Electrification 2022 will bring together thought leaders and innovators from across the electrification spectrum, providing you with a wide range of opportunities for education and collaboration to help advance your organization’s initiatives.

Electrification 2022 gives you the opportunity to:

  • Engage with electrification leaders and influencers in your field to learn more about customer needs, and establish partnerships
  • Highlight your your latest end-use electrification developments, to stakeholders such as potential customers, suppliers and collaborators;
  • Pursue opportunities with utilities on efficient and equitable electrification programs for home, business and transportation applications;
  • Gain and share insights into the research, policy and technology needs and requirements to further guide the transition to end-use electrification in dynamic and diverse markets.


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