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Downtown LA
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03 Mar 2023 - 29 Mar 2024


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Curbivore 2024

Curbivore 2024 gives you the chance to see, touch and feel the technology that’s reshaping our future, as well as meet with the civic leaders and forward-thinking entrepreneurs that are ensuring nobody is left behind as we reshape our cities and businesses for the better, on March 28 – 29, 2024.

These past few years have marked an unprecedented shift in how people view and use their cities, and the businesses that make them unique. Commerce has moved to the curb, and the new normal relies on delivery & pickup, and on retrofitting curbs, sidewalks, & disused real estate into civic spaces that work to serve everyone.

Themes of the event:

  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Competing Curb Users
  • Micromobility & TNCs
  • Civic Tech
  • Ecommerce, Restaurants & Retail
  • PDDs, robots & emerging vehicles


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